L’ASIE En Vogue Exhibition

For its inaugural exhibition, the Pagoda Paris Gallery will present L’Asie en Vogue, from October 11 through December. Conceived of by Beijing-based American curator Tiffany Beres, the collection brings together a group of eight distinguished pan-Asian artists whose works explore the themes of fashion and costumes, which will be displayed among a backdrop of museum-quality antique textiles. A poetic unveiling of the building itself, the Pagoda’s first exhibition explores how today's Asian artists weave and stitch together meaning in their art and how the past and present intertwine.

Using a variety of media and artistic techniques, each artist will present works of art that explore the role that fashion plays in popular culture and in the aesthetic life of individuals in Asia and beyond. L’Asie en Vogue exhibition participating artists include: Li Xiaofeng (1965, China) whose recycled ceramic shards are reworked into sculptural couture; Peng Wei (1974, China), whose traditional Chinese literati paintings are expressions of femininity related to dress and personal adornment; Man Fung Yi (1968, Hong Kong), whose “woven fashion sentiments” are sculptures knitted with metal threads of stainless steel and brass;

The L’Asie en Vogue exhibition will be accompanied by a wide range of public programs, including gallery tours and public lectures, all of which will be part of the Pagoda’s ongoing cultural events initiative. Internationally recognized scholars will speak on topics such as collecting and preserving antique textiles, and the history of the Pagoda Paris. For a program of events, contact info@pagodaparis.com or +33 (0) 1 45610693 for further information.

Temporary Exhibition
Asia en vogue
from the 12th of October until the 21st of December 2012
Open from Wednesday till Saturday from 11.30 until 18.30.
Entry fee 10,-- Euros per person